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ZennoPoster (10.10.2018)

[+] Improved mobile device emulation.
[+] Added window.orientation property for mobile device emulation.
[+] Added automatic TouchEvent enabling/disabling (disabled for desktop useragents, enabled for tablet and mobile).
[+] Added orientation type emulation (Instance.ScreenOrientation), orientation angle is adjusted automatically. Moreover, browser profiles will automatically apply orientation.
[+] Added a way to report incorrect Recaptcha2 recognition by Rucaptcha and other services.
[+] Lowered https page loading time in browser, removed extraneous requests.

[*] Fixed Airsocks integration for proxy with authentication.
[*] Fixed various page parsing bugs.
[*] Fixed a profile saving bug that caused domains to be cut off in supercookies.
[*] Fixed a bug that caused an action to disappear when it was being changed in ProjectMaker.
[*] Fixed HTTP request authentication for Youtube.
[*] Fixed a sorting bug in the GetTraffic method.
[*] Fixed various small UI bugs.