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ZennoPoster (19.07.2018)

[+] New nationalities in profile: UK, France, Germany and Spain.
[+] List and tables can now be named at creation.
[+] Exclusions for methods ZennoPoster.Db (parameter throwException, false by default).
[+] Optimizations for list and tables when working w/out syncing with files.
[+] New option to disable project saving while debugging it and playing “From start”.

[*] The bug with Hotkeys reassignment after restarting the program has been fixed.
[*] Issues muting sound on websites including pages with Flash content have been solved.
[*] Few errors at step-by-step C# code debugging have been fixed.
[*] Text of error messages appearing at project publishing has been corrected.
[*] Problem setting separator for lines and columns in tables via C# code has been solved.
[*] Bugs in post/get requests have been fixed.
[*] Issues in cookie container have been solved.