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ZennoPoster (28.06.2018)

[+] Enhanced project publishing with uploading to UserArea option.
[+] Resource monitor allowing to accelerate compiling and starting project in zennoposter as well as make project execution more stable when there is a lack of system resources.
[+] Cookie Container support in HTTP GET/POST and other requests, Now cookies can be synced with browser and POST/GET requests.
[+] Scroll to element method for virtual mouse - FullEmulationMouseWheel(IHtmlElement he, int topOffsetToElementCenter = 50, int leftOffsetToElementCenter = 50).
[+] Enhanced UI sensivity in ZennoPoster.
[+] Implemented Airsocks proxy provider.
[+] Implemented SockHub proxy provider.

[*] Issues working with tables have been solved.
[*] Problems using sms-acktiwator.ru service have been solved.
[*] Bug saving emulated WebRTC IP in profile has been fixed.
[*] Bug displaying changed field values in Profile has been fixed.
[*] Freezing problem during project execution when loading browser profile has been solved.
[*] ZennoPoster.HTTP.RequestBytes now accepts contentType = “multipart/form-data”.
[*] FullEmulationMouseMoveAboveHtmlElement freezing problem when scroll is blocked on a webpage has been solved.
[*] Bug searching answer field for ReCaptchas when there are several similar elements on a webpage has been fixed.
[*] Method Contains in IZennoList class has been improved.
[*] Switch operation has been corrected in ProjectMaker.
[*] Authorization form has been enhanced.
[*] Bug not opening input settings has been fixed.