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ZennoPoster (25.05.2018)

[+] Enhanced auto-update of purchased bots in ZennoPoster/ZennoBox.
[+] Improved browser emulation in relation to specific JS features.
[+] Option for WebRTC emulation when setting up proxies.
[+] Back connect proxies are now automatically supported.
[+] Enhanced fonts emulation.
[+] Project editing history which allows to roll back to one of previous change point.
[+] Improved project names displaying in log.
[+] Operation for taking line containing text/matching regex in list and table processing actions.
[+] Ability to pass request body for HTTP DELETE method.
[+] Options for debugging “Common code”.
[+] ProjectName property in LastError class.
[+] ContentDocument property for iframe elements to work with frame document.
[+] Few UI optimizations.

[*] Sound issues when running ZennoPoster have been solved.
[*] Bug ignoring Http.ResponceType in ZennoPoster.HTTP.RequestBytes methods has been fixed.
[*] Problem in HTTP methods working with socks IPv6 proxies has been solved.
[*] Error finding ReCaptcha2 sitekey value on several websites has been fixed.
[*] Bug checking system bitness in project without browser has been fixed.
[*] Notifications when checking proxy sources with enabled Javascript execution have been corrected.