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ZennoPoster (10.04.2018)

[+] Browser profile generating feature has been updated. Now profile is generated basing on real data.
[+] New class ZennoPoster.Http, for creating HTTP request, such as, PUT, DELETE, PATH, etc., has been added to ZennoPoster API.
[+] New method EvaluateScript for page document has been added. This allows to execute JavaScript bypassing CORS.
[+] BotUI: Custom elements now can be created in page code.
[+] BotUI: New option to import old InputSettings.
[+] New KeyCaptcha type is not supported.
[+] Absolute paths are now supported for uploading files via (S)FTP(S).

[*] ReCaptcha2 auto-submit now can be performed on website with complex structure of nested frames.
[*] BotUI: Bug with variables mess-up has been fixed.
[*] PM crash when program is running with enabled detailed log has been fixed.
[*] Issue minimizing page dom window when opening it in PM has been solved.
[*] Bug with not working bat files after updating program version has been fixed (bat files need to be recreated once in new version).
[*] Problem with window.name has been solved.
[*] Bug specifying wrong line in error message when compiling own code has been fixed.
[*] Bug resetting execution count to default value in Task manager has been fixed.
[*] Issues with anti-virus wrong detection have been solved.
[*] Issue uploading images to cloud.google.com/vision and imgur.com has been solved.