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ZennoPoster (21.02.2018)

[+] Extended WebGL emulation with preferences.instance.WebGLPreferences.
[+]toString() emulation for JavaScript objects depending on UserAgent of emulated browser. Related property in API - bool Instance.UseToStringEmulation { get;set;}.
[+] Proxy initially considered as live are now can be removed by lifetime, see parameters in option “Remove old proxies from live list when loading”in proxy source settings.
[+] New sms-service smska.net.
[+] New sms-service 5sim.net.
[+] Log optimizations.

[*] Problems running FireFox 45 browser on some systems have been solved.
[*] Bug not removing unused variables has been fixed.
[*] Issues launching browser in demo-version have been solved.
[*] File upload window operation when performing manual actions in FireFox 52 has been corrected.
[*] Bug corrupting project when using ReCaptcha2 action block has been fixed.
[*] Minor bugs executing javascript have been fixed.
[*] Bug removing files when wrong directory is set in FTP action block has been fixed.
[*] Fixed hung during debug in ProjectMaker.
[*] Few minor fixes in UI have been made.