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ZennoPoster (26.12.2017)

[+] Improved fonts emulation. New property has been added to ZennoPoster APIinstance.FontsFolder, which allows to add fonts without installing them in system. 
[+] Methods for working with timezone in IANA format have been added (supported in FireFox 52+):
instance.GetIanaTimezone and instance.SetIanaTimezone 
[+] ReCaptcha2 form search when recognizing captcha via services has been improved in standard action block.

[*] Hotfix: timezone emulation bugs have been fixed.
[*] Webgl2 emulation has been added to Firefox45. 
[*] ProjectMaker crashing bug when running BotUI on 32-bit system has been fixed. 
[*] Bug updating element properties when inspecting elements has been fixed.