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ZennoPoster (21.12.2017)

[+] New browser engine Firefox 64-bit.
[+] Settings to connect proxy services.
[+] AWM-proxy service.
[+] Virtualsms.ru service.
[+] Webgl and webgl2 contex in Canvas emulation.
[+] Improved TimeZone emulation.
[+] Accelerated UI operation in PM when working with large projects.

[*] Issues hiding navigator object fields have been solved.
[*] Program stability has been improved.
[*] Starting browser problems have been solved.
[*] HID.exe errors have been fixed.
[*] Issues copying BotUI elements have been solved.
[*] Image distortion bug when emulating Canvas has been fixed.
[*] Issues getting {-Page.Dom-} have been solved.
[*] Bug removing file binding when copying operating with list/tables has been fixed.
[*] Project autosave problem when there are no free spaces at local drive C has been solved.
[*] Error serializing parameters has been fixed.
[*] Errors recognizing ReCaptcha2 via RuCa[tcha and Angigate services have been fixed.