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ZennoPoster (21.11.2017)

[+] Optimizations for browser bases start and running have been made.
[+] Standard KeyKaptcha support has been recovered (requires CapMonster license for proper work)
[+] New option to disable log notifications when using multi-browser has been added to program settings (Settings→Debug→Show notifications about not matching browser version)
[+] C# methods for switching browser version have been added to zennoposter API (void Instance.Launch(BrowserType type, bool useProfile)). 
[+] Stability improvements have been made. 
[+] Interface optimizations have been performed.

[*] Bug cleaning non-used variables in BotUI has been fixed. 
[*] Issue Importing input settings in BotUI has been solved.
[*] Text displaying has been corrected in BotUI..
[*] Issues using macros in static blocks in Code Creator have been solved. 
[*] Bug crashing Firefox 52 browser when cleaning browser cache for certain domain has been fixed. 
[*] Bug not saving proxy sources at program restart has been fixed.
[*] Few interface fixes have been made..
[*] Errors working with services Sms-reg.com and GetSmsOnline have been fixed.