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ZennoPoster (27.10.2017)

[+] New button types have been added to BotUI, as well as options to manage zennoposter templates.
[+] Interactive settings for buttons are now available in BotUI. 
[+] BotUI design has been improved. 
[+] Recognizing ReCaptcha 2 via Death By Captcha service is now possible.
[+] Improvements in proxy blacklist have been made (sorting blacklist and import-export). 
[+] The parameter throwException for BulkMailDownload method has been added allowing to generate exceptions when errors occur during mail processing.
[+] Firefox 52 engine performance has been optimized.

[*] UI Fix: Few interface errors have been fixed. 
[*] Authorization errors processing has been improved (Get Auth Credentials error).
[*] Issues using proxy when recognizing ReCaptcha2 in projects without browser have been solved.
[*] When file is moved to source path program log shows warning to avoid missing files by mistake
[*] Issues with plugin emulation in Firefox 52 engine have been solved. .
[*] Bug uploading file via popup on such websites as such as www.photodex.com has been fixed.