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ZennoPoster (22.09.2017)

[+] Multi-browser functionality has been implemented. In addition to FireFox 45 ESR, we've added new FireFox 52 ESR engine
[+] New operation “Run instance” has been added. Using it you can switch browser version inside a project, if needed.
[+] Button element has been added to BotUI for more convenient editing.
[+] New parameter for displaying date in template exeuciton log has been added to zennoposter.

[*] PM hanging when displaying notification about new available version has been fixed.
[*] Threads stop running problem after working some time has been solved.
[*] Issue loading projects and assemblies from network resources has been solved.
[*] Bug ignoring “,” symbol when loading *.csv table has been fixed.
[*] Issue uploading photos to Google services via proxy has been solved.
[*] Bug clicking input field on Hotmail has been fixed.
[*] Problem loading tables from files has been solved in Code Creator.
[*] Scroll positioning has been corrected when working with project minimap.