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ZennoPoster (06.09.2017)

[+] Emulation of GetRects fingerprint has been added - getClientRects. Related C# properties have been added to APIinstance.ClientRectWorkModeinstance.ClientRectSeed.
[+] IndexedDB controlling has been implemented into ZennoPoster. Related C# methods have been added to APIinstance.LoadIndexedDbinstance.SaveIndexedDb.
[+] Sorting fractional numbers is now supported in tables. 
[+] Assemblies compiled for .NET 4.5 version are now supported and can be loaded into zennoposter.

[*] New option “Run bases sequentually” has been added to Program settings>Instance tab. It can be used on computers with powerful hardware if threads are starting too fast and cause system hanging. 
[*] The bug missing or mixing up proxies with 5+ threads for one process parameter in program settings has been fixed.
[*] Incorrect browser behavior in ProjectMaker when switching from non-browser project to usual project with browser has been fixed. 
[*] Program stability has been improved. Issues leading to program freezing on some computers have been solved. 
[*] Bug selecting data in browser w/out content mode has been fixed.
[*] Threads stopping has been optimized. 
[*] Problems with layout sizes in BotUI have been fixed.