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ZennoPoster (13.06.2017)

[+]The option to process and save HSTS Super Cookie in browser profile has been added to both api method and action block. HSTS Super Cookie is cleand with all cookies. Similar methods as for working with stadart cookies, have been added: void instance.SaveSuperCookie(string path), byte[] instance.SaveSuperCookie(), void instance.LoadSuperCookie(string path), void instance.LoadSuperCookie(byte[] cookie), void instance.SetSuperCookie(string cookie), string instance.GetSuperCookie(string domain = default(string)).
[+] New action block for recognizing Recaptcha2 via services Anti-captcha, RuCaptcha. Imagetypers and Capmonster has been added. Now you can add this block to your project, it will find recaptcha2 on webpage and recognize it via service. New action allows to recognize standart ReCaptcha2, ReCaptcha 2 Invisible and use GET/POST requests to recognize captcha via services Anti-captcha, RuCaptcha. Imagetypers. 
[+] Elements multi-select is now supported in BotUI.
[+] Actions history (Cancel/Repeat) is now possible in BotUI.
[+] Moving controls by arows on keyboard is now possible in BotUI .
[+] Hotkeys Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V for copying/pasting elements have been added to BotUI 
[+] New element properties clientwidth and clientheight have been added to ActionsDesigner, related properties HtmlElement.BoundingClientWidth and HtmlElement.BoundingClientHeight have been added to zennoposter API. They can be called using HtmlElement.GetAttribute and return BoundingClientWidth and BoundingClientHeight. Old width and height attributes now display ScrollWidth and Scroll Height. 
[+] Special buttons to open InputSettings/BotUI have been added to ZennoPoster application.
[+] The option to copy message text from log have been added to log context menu. 
[+] Threads processing have been optimized. Now they are running more faster. 
[+] Timezone emulation has beem improved. 
[+] Newtonsoft.Json dependencies have been removed. If you need to load certain version of this assembly, this can be made without editing congig files.


[*] Connected mic and webcam now are not shown when disabling WebRTC. 
[*] Several iIssues working with Proxifier have been solved. 
[*] Bug with dissappearing empty project from ProjectMaker when opening another project has been solved. 
[*] Issues with socks5 proxies with authorization working at high number of connections have been solved. 
[*] Bug displaying variable in context menu of C# code block has been solved. 
[*] Problem with garbage files growing at project crash or working with nested project has been solved. 
[*] Issues loading several dependencies from the same assembly have been solved. 
[*] Bug not deleting non-breaking space via Trim has been fixed. .
[*] Problem running PHP projects from CodeCreator in ZennoPoster has been solved. 
[*] Few bugs in UI have been fixed.