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ZennoPoster (13.03.2017)

[+] New methods SetWebRTCAdresses and GetWebRTCAdresses for emulating IP via WebRTC have been added. They allow to set the IP which you want to show to websites via WebRTC.
[+] The option for getting e-mail settings automatically have been updated in E-mail processing action. Now it shows the message “Could not receive e-mail settings” for domains with unknown auto-settings.
[+] ZennoPoster software have been included into WhiteList of Kaspersky antivirus software. Now exe files of our software won't be wrongly treated as viruses in Kaspersky. Note that the option Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) should be enabled in Kaspersky settings. KSN - is cloud storage of WhiteList data, and if this is not enabled, or you don't have active internet connection, Kaspersky won't get information about running exe file.

[*] The problem when ZennoPoster crashes during long work has been solved. If the problem repeats in this version, please run Diagnostic.exe and send us report.zip. After that, to avoid the problem, please enable the option “Show notifications only in log” in program settings, 
[*] ProjectMaker crash bug when inspecting element has been fixed
[*] ProjectMaker interface freezing problem when opening action properties with long text has been solved. 
[*] Bugs related to Comment field control in action properties, such as writing text to comment instead of text field,  inserting text using Ctrl+V, Ctrl button hanging and operation of other hotkeys, have been fixed.
[*] The bug downloading file through complicated Javascript redirect has been fixed. 
[*] Not necessary operations in program interface, which could delay UI performance, have been removed.
[*] The bug with not working Add tags/Delete tags buttons in Element Tree has been fixed. 
[*] Issues processing 32-bit images when changing image size or cropping have been fixed. 
[*] Interface layout of few actions properties has been corrected. 
[*] Memory leak in CheckingProcessor process at low usage has been fixed.