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ZennoPoster (02.03.2017)

[+] The option to emulate geolocation by IP has been added. Now when installing proxy you can enable “Emulate Timezone” and “Emulate geolocation” parameters. ZennoPoster will identify related geolocation by IP-address and set required values for parameters.
[+] Work with cookies in profile has been improved. 
[+] New sms-service simsms.org have been added.
[+] New sms-service getsms.online have been added.
[+] The option to display browser zoom if it differs from 100% has been added.
[+] Additional checks for existing assemblies have been added in order to ensure proper program work. 
[+] New methods for working with IP (to get GeoPostion and TimeZone) have been added.
[+] The Method SetProxy has been improved and now includes Geo-location and Timezone emulation.

[*] The bug with freezing context menu in PM panel windows has been fixed. 
[*] The bug with default form and document number in Action Designer has been fixed. 
[*] The issue not saving action comment in action properties has been solved.
[*] The with instance hanging after restarting it in nested project has been solved.
[*] The issue with wrong project file associations has been solved. 
[*] Few IntelliSearch problems have been solved.
[*] The bug when PM closes at opening profile tabs Human/Browser has been fixed.
[*] Few bugs in UI ProjectMaker have 
[*] The problem with proxy sources going dead has been solved. 
[*] The problem with frame disabling has been solved.
[*] The issue disabling windows error reporing in program settings has been fixed.