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ZennoPoster (19.01.2017)

[+] DevExpress components have been updated, Due to this, interface sensitivity and responsiveness have been increased as well as interface localization has been improved.
[+] The feature to emulate time zone for Javascript has been added. It can be used from action Browser ➙ Settings ➙ TimeZone or related method SetTimezone in program API.
[+] Regex Constructor interface has been improved and now includes tabs.
[+] New option to display parsing time has been added to Regex Constructor. This allows to create fast parsing regex.
[+] Sending captcha to services has been improved. Non-valid pictures won't be sent to services.
[+] New method of forced memory cleaning in instance has been added.
[+] Project file is now selected automatically when opening project directory. 
[+] Optimizations to speed up memory loading and usage. have been made. 
[+] Canvas blocking has been improved.
[+] Instance cleanup after finishing project execution has been improved.

[*] The issue minimizing ProjectMaker window has been solved.
[*] Interface lags/freezes have been fixed in ZennoPoster and ProjectMaker.
[*] Issues causing slow ZennoPoster closing have been solved.
[*] The bug loading worpress.com has been fixed.
[*] The bug loading files manually into instance by WaitForUserAction has been fixed.
[*] Instance displaying when executing project in it has been improved.
[*] Project recording in CodeCreator has been corrected.
[*] The issue accessing globalsettings from Appdomain when executing OwnCode has been solved.
[*] The bug when proxy sources going dead within long time on high-loaded systems has been fixed. 
[*] The bug rechecking live proxies when working with large proxy base has been fixed.