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ZennoPoster (28.12.2016)

[+] New Installer allows to install several ZennoPoster versions on one computer. Different products can be registered to different accounts and installed on the same computer. If installer prompts you to install .NET Framework 2.0/3.5, please allow it, as this is one time operation. In case automatic installation on server has failed, you can find the instructions for manual installation here - https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn482071.aspx
[+] UI processing has been sped up in ProjectMaker and ZennoPoster.
[+] Program performance has been improved. 
[+] Canvas emulation has been improved. Emulation should be enabled before visiting webpage, not after opening it.
[+] New feature to execute Javascript when creating webpage window (DOMWindowCreated) has been added. You can re-define any Javascript object before first request to website. 
[+] Arrows of active action are now highlighted. 
[+] Moved arrows are now highlighted.
[+] The error message “Project does not contain Input Settings”, when user does not have rights to run project, has been replaced with correct message.
[+] The option to disable notification in log about successful project completion has been added (Settings➙ Other ➙ Logging settings ➙ Show notification about successful project completion in log.
[+] Getting proxy from proxychecker action now works in PM as well as related option in C# code. 
[+] CSV files processing has been improved. 
[+] The option “Remember cursor position in C# block”. has been added (Settings ➙ Editor). Current line is remembered by default, and code will be opened at this line, but if enable this setting, code will be opened at last cursor position.

[*] Bugs causing ZennoPoster interface lags/freezing have been fixed. 
[*] Bugs causing ProjectMaker interface lags/freezing have been fixed. 
[*] Browser crash bug on several websites have been fixed. 
[*] Errors causing instability in ZennoPoster operation have been fixed.
[*] Browser issues working on Yandex.Direct and Vimeo sites have been solved. 
[*] Issues displaying floating layout in social network Vkontakte and other websites at low display resolution have been solved.
[*] Delays at mouse move emultation have been removed. 
[*] “Follow the cursor” option has been fixed and returned to context menu.
[*] Problem loosing cookies after long time work has been solved. 
[*] Search e-mail bug when processing e-mails via POP3 if server sends e-mails in incorrect order has been fixed.
[*] The bug causing base..exe processes to hang when using nested projects has been fixed
[*] The problem debugging nested projects which require to run browser has been solved. 
[*] The bug causing endless initialization of base.exe has been fixed. 
[*] Issue downloading files with too long names has been solved.
[*] Some extra settings have been removed from globalsetttings.settings.
[*] The issue extending project drawing when recording project has been solved. 
[*] Dialog message when opening project by double clock is not shown any more,
[*] Operation of buttons (Restart, Play and Stop) in Advanced Editor has been corrected.
[*] The bug not saving “Show instances” status when re-opening program has been fixed . 
[*] Problems loading/saving profiles on asian Windows locales have been solved. 
[*] The bug with operation Take DOM ➙ Parsing ➙ one match ➙ Random. has been fixed
[*] THe bug with regions in C# code has been fixed. 
[*] Errors converting actions to C# code have been solved.
[*] Ctrl+Y hotkey operation has been corrected. 
[*] Context menu in instance has been removed. 
[*] The bug parsing cookies from several websites at redirect in HTTP POST / GET requests has been fixed.
[*] Few interface issues have been fixed. 
[*] Now ZennoPoster identifies working environment at startup and determines whether GPU can be used to speed up graphic drawing or not. 
If ZennoPoster detected GPU incorrectly, you can always enable it manually in program settings. (Settings ➙ Instance ➙ Use GPU to speed up drawing.)
Enabling this option without existed GPU can lead to incorrect program work. 
[*] The bug with operation Data ➙ Directory ➙ Path to file when it returned empty path for non-existing file and executed successfully has been fixed. If you have this action in your projects, you should mark it as Optional to use it in old and new versions.