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ZennoPoster (10.11.2016)

[+] Emulation of Geo-location has been added. 
[+] E-mail processing now allows to use proxy.
[+] Connections processing has been optimized in browser.
[+] ProjectMaker interface responsiveness has been optimized. 
[+] Browser anonymity has been improved (improved clearing ETag, Http Auth and TLS Ticket).
[+] Improvements in ProjectMaker UI - Now it is possible to move arrows if several arrows lead to the same point.
[+] Improvements in ProjectMaker UI - Displaying of resulted variable/list/table on action block has been improved.
[+] Improvements in ProjectMaker UI - “Do not return value” is enabled by default in Own code→C# action. 
[+] Availability of ProxyChecker now depends on ZennoPoster release date. If ProxyChecker updates are paid and expire later than ZennoPoster release date, than ProxyChecker functionality will be available in ZennoPoster.

[*] Problems processing e-mails have been solved. 
[*] Issues running PM on weak computers have been solved. 
[*] Error exporting Input settings has been fixed when the field Help was missing at export. 
[*] The bug launching Flash and other plugins processes, if they are not required, has been fixed.
[*] Fixed browser crash on some sites.
[*] Issues writing HTTP Auth credentials has been solved. 
[*] ProjectMaker lags have been fixed.
[*] The bug with keyboard emulation in ProjectMaker writing long text has been fixed.
[*] Inspect element errors have been fixed in zoomed out browser (less than 100% size view).
[*] Camrip when displaying action blocks in ProjectMaker has been fixed. 
[*] The bug setting proxy via Browser menu has been fixed. Now the macro {-Project.Proxy-} returns correct proxy after setting proxy manually. 
[*] Switch displaying problems have been solved. 
[*] The bug when Traffic Monitor stopped working after instance restart has been fixed. 
[*] Problems escaping symbols in extended spintax have been solved. 
[*] Error getting last element from random results at Text processing→Regexp operation has been solved.
[*] The bug copying actions from other project with non-existing variables has been fixed. 
[*] Fixed bug in C# debug with blocks project.Json and project.Xml.
[*] Fixed proxification of instance child process via Proxifier.